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Our Ciders


Authentic Dry Apple Cider

Lonetree authentic dry cider is made from a tantalising blend of old world cider apples, such as Belle de Boskoop and Bramley, then fermented with crisp fresh table apples; MacIntosh, Spartan and Golden Delicious.


A refreshingly crisp and natural alternative to beers and coolers.


Gold Winner – New World Cider at the Canadian Brewing Awards 2017.


5.5% Alcohol by Volume or NEW De-Alcoholized

Available in 355ml cans, 473ml cans and draft


Apple Ginger Cider

We believe the old ways are still the best. That’s why we always use genuine apples to craft our authentic cider selections. Now, we’ve added a zesty twist of real ginger, for an exotic and lightly spicy cider experience. We know you’ll taste the difference.


Gold Winner - Specialty Cider at SIP Best of the Northwest 2018.


5.5% Alcohol by Volume or NEW De-Alcoholized

Available in 355ml cans


New for 2024

Apple Black Currant

Tart, jammy currants add a juicy richness to Lonetree's classic dry cider!


5.5% Alcohol by Volume

Available in 355ml cans

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Lonetree Rhubarb.png

Apple Rhubarb Cider

Complex rhubarb pie flavours with the zesty finish of sour rhubarb. Delicious and well-balanced!

5.5% Alcohol by Volume

Available in 355ml cans


Lonetree Pear & Apple Cider is created with a harmony of genuine Okanagan pears and our famous Okanagan cider apples. Now you can enjoy the crispness of our authentic apple cider, with the fruity lusciousness of real Okanagan pears. Lonetree Pear & Apple Cider - mouth-wateringly juicy, with the characteristically dry finish that Lonetree is loved for.


Best Canadian Cider & Style Winner (Fruits & Flower Flavored) at the World Cider Awards 2017.


5.5% Alcohol by Volume


Available in 355ml cans

Apple Pear Cider

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