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The Lonetree Cider Co.

We are a 100% Canadian-owned company, making cider the old-fashioned way.

Our authentic dry ciders are crisp, natural and real – from apples that are crushed and fermented, then filtered fresh, clear and pure – much like a premium quality wine.


We believe in supporting Canadian growers and sustainable farming practices. That’s why our apples are always sourced from local orchards.

Our business concept started when we were introduced to 3rd generation family orchardists in Kelowna, BC. To this day, we work with that same family, but have also expanded to work with a growers cooperative, made up of over 500 grower families in BC!


It took us a while to make our delicious cider recipe available in Ontario because we wanted to carry on the same tradition of sourcing our apples from regional farmers. Luckily, we were able to find local orchardists to work with, and so now you can be assured that not only is our BC cider made from 100% BC apples, but our Ontario Cider is made from 100% Ontario apples!  So, when you purchase Lonetree cider, not only are you supporting a 100% Canadian company, but you are supporting family orchards all across Canada! We are quite proud of that!


We believe the old ways are still the best. We know you’ll taste the difference.

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Lonetree Rhubarb.png
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